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Sonic Youth


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Features the original 1988 album, remastered from the original tapes under the band’s supervision, plus a bonus home demo of ‘Eric’s Trip.’

Also includes the ‘Live Daydream’, comprised largely of previously unreleased tracks, features 15 live tracks from the band’s ‘Daydream Nation’ Tour. Culled from performances at several venues including hallowed grounds such as CBGB’s in New York and The Paradiso in Amsterdam, ‘Live Daydream’ includes live versions of every song on the original album. Added to that are four studio bonuses: ‘Within You, Without You,’ from Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father – an NME-sponsored charity Beatles Tribute album, ‘Computer Age’ from the critically-acclaimed Neil Young tribute album The Bridge; ‘Electricity’ from the Captain Beefheart tribute album Fast And Bulbous, and a cover of Mudhoney’s ‘Touch Me, I’m Sick,’ originally released as a Sub Pop single.


The bonus materials are an aural treat for the discerning aficionado and the casual listener alike, and provide new insight into an album widely considered to be Sonic Youth’s watershed moment. Celebrating the re-release of Daydream Nation, the band will perform the entire album live at several select shows in North America and Europe. Confirmed dates (with others to be announced) on the calendar page.

The Original Album (Released 10/88)
1. Teen Age Riot
2. Silver Rocket
3. The Sprawl
4. ‘Cross the Breeze
5. Eric’s Trip
6. Total Trash
7. Hey Joni
8. Providence
9. Candle
10. Rain King
11. Kissability
12. a) The Wonder
13. b) Hyperstation
14. z) Eliminator Jr.

Bonus Demo Track

15. Eric’s Trip (home demo)

Live Daydream
1. The Sprawl
2. ‘Cross the Breeze
3. Hey Joni
4. Silver Rocket
5. Kissability
6. Eric’s Trip
7. Candle
8. The Wonder
9. Hyperstation
10. Eliminator Jr.
11. Providence
12. Teen Age Riot
13. Rain King
14. Totally Trashed
15. Total Trash

Cover Songs
16. Within You, Without You
17. Touch Me, I’m Sick
18. Computer Age
19. Electricity