The Bible Belt 2 X LP

Nikki Sudden


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Release Date: 13th November 2020


Fully Remastered recordings of the second and arguably most important solo Nikki Sudden album. Features Dave Kusworth and soon
to be Waterboys; Mike Scott & Anthony Thistlethwaite. Redesigned with deluxe gatefold sleeve with expanded photos for the time and
notes from Nikki’s diary about recording the album plus the original Colour version of the LP cover (issued in monochrome originally in
1982 ). Includes the classic and fan favourite track Chelsea Embankment sung sublimely by ‘Lizard’. Bible Belt was the template and
springboard for the forming of the Jacobites TRACKLIST: A1/Gold Painted Nails (A few Scarves and a Satin Jacket) 02:10 Sudden /
Thistlethwaite A2/English Girls 03:25 Sudden / Kusworth A3/Cathy 02:30 Sudden A4/Chelsea Embankment 02:30 Sudden
A5/Bethlehem Castle (Suicide Scarves) 03:45 Sudden A6/The Road Of Broken Dreams 05:40 Sudden / Scott B1/Six Hip Princes (All
Around The World) 04:20 Sudden/Thistlethwaite B2/Out Of Egypt 05:55 Sudden B3/The Angels Are Calling 02:50 Sudden
B4/Missionary Boy 02:25 Sudden B5/The Only Boy In Heaven 04:30 Sudden Early Session recorded 19th May 1982 C1/Six Hip
Princes (Version ii) 5.11 Sudden/Thistlethwaite C2/Missionary Boy 3.31 Sudden C3/Cathy 2.37 Sudden C4/The Angels Are Calling
(Instr.) 2.41 Sudden C5/Bethlehem Castle 3.50 Sudden C6/Feels so right (Gold Painted Nails) 3.15 Sudden / Thistlethwaite
D1/Out Of Egypt 5.25 Sudden D2/Every Girl cuts me in Half 4.20 Sudden D3/Gold Painted Nails (inst) 3.16 Sudden / Thistlethwaite
D4/Unknown 2.30 Sudden D5/The Only Boy In Heaven 5.28 Sudden