Live Drugs 2xLP (Opaque Purple Vinyl)

War On Drugs


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Release Date : 20th November 2020

LIVE DRUGS is a live compilation by War On Drugs, curated just as a live set would be. The music here has been taken from more than 40 hard drives used to record many, many gigs from throughout the band’s career. Notable highlights include Buenos Aires Beach, Under The Pressure, In Reverse and their version of Warren Zevon’s Accidentally like a Martyr.

01 An Ocean Between the Waves (Live)
02 Pain (Live)
03 Strangest Thing (Live)
04 Red Eyes (Live)
05 Thinking of a Place (Live)
06 Buenos Aires Beach (Live)
07 Accidentally Like a Martyr (Live)
08 Eyes to the Wind (Live)
09 Under the Pressure (Live)
10 In Reverse (Live)