The Byrds – Live in Rome 1968 LP

The Byrds


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Released Date: 17/03/2021

This LP helps answer one of rock’s great what if?”s…. What if Gram Parsons had stayed with the Byrds? Given how few gigs this lineup played, we are lucky that Dutch and Italian radio recorded this May 1968 show live in Rome. Founder Roger McGuinn and newbie
Parsons both sing lead, and the result is a fascinating set of “Cosmic American Music”. As an added bonus we have included two
further Bob Dylan covers from TV programme Playboy After Dark, recorded in September 1968 after Gram had left the band but still
true to his vision. Side One 1. You Ain’t Going Nowhere 2. Old John Robertson 3. You Don’t Miss Your Water 4. Hickory Wind 5. Feel A
Whole Lot Better 6. Chimes Of Freedom Side Two 1. The Christian Life 2. Turn! Turn! Turn! 3. My Back Pages 4. Baby What You Want
Me To Do? 5. Mr Spaceman 6. You Ain’t Going Nowhere 7. This Wheel’s On Fire