Tractor (Remastered And Expanded) LP



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Release Date: 4th December 2020


A limited repress of 300 now on a random purple or blue vinyl. Heralded by Julian Cope The Shins and Dangermouse -Tractor continue
to find new fans nearly 50 years later. Ozit vinyl are all deluxe in terms of packaging. Great reissue of one of John Peel’s Dandelion
Records more successful bands. Tractor, two lads from Rochdale who managed to sound like a complete band, recorded this album in
1972. A classic of progressive rock (that at times sounds like The Pink Fairies debut and Hawkwind), this remains a creation of rare
beauty and inventiveness. Tracklisting : 1 All ends up, 2 Little girl in yellow, 3 Watcher, 4 Ravenscroft’s 13 bar boogie, 5 Shubunkin, 6
Hope in favour, 7 Everytime it happens, 8 Make the journey