Africa 2 X LP



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Amanaz were a five-piece combo from Lusaka who traveled to Chingola (one of Zambia’s biggest cities) and recorded an album titled Africa in 1973; almost 40 years after the fact, their sole album has finally made its way to the West.


Now Again re-issue of Amanaz’s 1975 ‘Zamrock’ masterpiece. This two LP set contains both the ‘dry’ drum mix and reverb-drenched fuzz guitar mix of the album!

A1. Amanaz / A2 I Am Very Far / A3. Sunday Morning / A4. Khala My Friend / A5. History Of Man / A6. Nsunka Lwendo / B1. Africa / B2. Green Apple / B3. Making The Scene / B4. Easy Street / B5. Big Enough / B6. Kale

Reverb Mix

C1. Amanaz / C2. I Am Very Far / C3. Sunday Morning / C4. Khala My Friend / C5. History Of Man / C6. Nsunka Lwendo / D1. Africa / D2. Green Apple / D3. Making The Scene / D4. Easy Street / D5. Big Enough / D6. Kale