Afterwardness LP



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AFTERWARDNESS release their self-titled debut album on Drogheda based label ‘thirtythree-45’.

AFTERWARDNESS lineup includes former members of Female Hercules, The Idiots and Pet Lamb.  

The LP contains two tracks, ‘Vessel’ and ‘Shellakapooky’. You get 35 minutes of music that is mesmeric, relentless, repetitive, and spacey.  

Brian sings, plays guitar and keyboards. Conzo sings and plays guitar. Andy plays drums and percussion. Nobody plays bass.  

The tracks were recorded in the band’s practice space by Alan O’Boyle (Decal/Legion of Two).  

AFTERWARDNESS played on bills with Damo Suzuki and Thee Oh Sees over the last couple of years and are looking forward to more live performances when the current state of affairs is over.