All Mod Cons LP

The Jam


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All Mod Cons from 1978 is where everything really came together for the Jam. The songs and the writing matured by leaps and bounds compared to This is the Modern World. Weller has some of his best work on this album including the beautiful ballad English Rose, the stumbling anger of the title track, and the chilling Down in a Tube Station at Midnight with it’s rapid fire drums and funky walking bass lending a real sense of urgency to the story being unfolded by Weller. His social commentary here is biting and pissed off and though the music spread out in more directions with Weller building off his various influences (especially r&b), the spirit of the album is punk, through and through. a wonderful album that gets stronger with every listen and it remains one of the great original punk albums as well as one of the great British albums of all time.