Antonioni LP



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Release Date – 23rd April 2021

Antonioni’s first full length record and their most cohesive and fully realized effort to date. The band leans into deliberate pop sensibilities while maintaining awillingness to incorporate more adventurous arrangements and sounds. The album begins with a bang as vocalist Sarah Pasillasplayfully weaves through snappy drums, layered guitar and synth on the high energy track “Mouthbreather”. Alternately, the band strips down to acoustic guitars and strings that glide over a thick, pulsing groove on “Puck” before crescendoing into a hypnotic electric guitar
outro. Written while coping with several personal traumas, Pasillas’ lyrics loosely allude to classic stories, reframe her journey as
something unique yet universal. S/T is a lush and colorful album that explores one’s attempt to reclaim power from their own thoughts
and fears. Tracklist: 1. Mouth Breather 2. Shiver 3. Malcomer 4. Mary Bell 5. Puck 6. They Never Greatly Flew 7. Strange 2 Them 8.
Please Make This 9. Nothing In The Dark 10. Bramble