Bandwagonesque LP

Teenage Fanclub


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Bandwagonesque is the third album by Teenage Fanclub, released in November 1991 on Creation Records. The gold standard of the early-’90s power pop revival, in its own way Bandwagoneque was as much a benchmark as contemporary records like Nevermind and Loveless; though not the generational rallying cry of the former nor the revolutionary sonic breakthrough of the latter, Teenage Fanclub’s sophomore album nevertheless heralded the return of melody and craft, coupled with energy and spirit – hallmarks of much of the greatest rock and roll of the past, and virtues as rare as hen’s teeth in the years immediately prior to the disc’s release. Although its incandescent harmonies, lazily immediate songs, and crunching guitars earned it endless comparisons to vintage Big Star, Bandwagonesque is in every way a product of its own time – the thick, grungy sound of the Fannies’ debut A Catholic Education remains intact for gems like What You Do to Me (arguably the most brilliantly simpleminded love song ever penned) and the instrumental Satan, while the lyrics of other standout moments like Star Sign and Alcoholiday reflect a laissez faire irony and unassuming genius even more emblematic of the moment in question.