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Carter Tanton has been performing and recording music since the age of 15. Over the years, Tanton has toured and recorded with numerous artists including Marissa Nadler, Strand of Oaks, Lower Dens, and The Waron Drugs. In 2012, he assembled Freeclouds, his first collection of songs for Western Vinyl.

A couple of years later, Tanton moved to England where he wrote all of the songs on his sophomore solo album Jettison the Valley, which featured Nadler and Sharon Van
Etten. On his new ST album: “I recorded these songs in 2017 in my childhood home which had been sitting empty on the market for
nearly a year when I first brought over a microphone and laptop, guitar and piano. From the start an allegorical quality ran underneath
any surface level pragmatism I told myself was guiding things. “During the year and a half prior, I had finished two discarded versions of
the record. On the first, I played a slew of instruments to build up a band sound while the other was finished with help from friends in the
War on Drugs. I had been growing disillusioned as to what music production actually accomplishes in the digital space and my old
studio tricks didn’t have the same punch anymore. Mark Fisher once wrote ‘technology has been decalibrated from cultural form’ and
likewise, I felt a flat disconnected drift disaffecting both prior versions. “A few friends had often told me how they wanted me to strip it all
back and record just voice and guitar. The further I slipped down technological rabbit holes the more the concept of recording in the
simple way the Carter Family once had freaked me out. However, similar to re-entering the sun filled room with quiet grounding, the
dark familiar soundhole of my Martin D-18 eased out a new and unexpected hypnotic sound from the very beginning. “The records
which haunt me are the ones which have a definitive feeling of time. ‘Plastic Ono Band’, Cat Power’s ‘Covers Record’, ‘Seventeen
Seconds’, The Blue Nile’s ‘Hats’ and Lewis’ ‘L’Amour’ all seem chiseled from one continuous strain of expression. A cosmic timestamp
on a spiritualized totality salvaged by and blooming through prismatic specificity. After nearly two years of listless work, each of these
nine songs was written and recorded within one day, respectively. Any more time spent only weakened the original weight of the
moment. few songs center around racism in America, especially framed by what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017.
“Steep Angles” quotes Sinead O’Connor’s song “Black Boys on Mopeds” and I hope it can serve as a Trump era sequel. “Out Fayette”
is a fragmented love letter to my hometown Baltimore, using the panoramic sprawl of Fayette Street punctuated by the then recent
murder of Freddie Grey as moral axis. Two ambient pieces made with a field recorder and sampler, “V Rose” and “Honey in Tea”,
remain from the previous versions of the record. They were both created in single days and carried the same uncanny presence as the
others. “Uneven High Places” was the first song I put down in the new improvisatory way. It’s a distinct stylistic break from my earlier
songwriting, heavy on mood and only sometimes stumbling into structure or hooks. “Five Pound Cheques” was recorded on my phone
in a rush the day the piano movers came after the house had finally sold. Also Available From Carter Tanton: Jettison the Valley LP/CD,
Freeclouds LP/CD. 01 Out Fayette 02 Willowy Five 03 V Rose 04 Steep Angles 05 Uneven High Places 06 Honey In Tea 07 22 08
Mirrors 09 Gunnin’ For The Stem