Civilian LP

Wye Oak


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Release Date : 19th March 2021. Due to brexit and covid restrictions there may be delays to deliveries and release dates. Ships on arrival.

LP is black vinyl + LP3 coupon. Wye Oak’s best-selling 2011 album. Originally released March 2011, Wye Oak’s third album celebrates
10 years in 2021. Civilian is the band’s most widely recognized album, and the band’s highest seller. Civilian was produced by John
Congleton (St Vincent, Shearwater). Wye Oak is Andy Stack (of Lambchop, Joyero, El Vy) and Jenn Wasner (of Bon Iver, Flock of
Dimes). They started as two friends recording demos together in Maryland. Their basement project has since evolved to include a
shape-shifting catalog and more than a decade of tours across America and Europe. Jon Pareles of the NEW YORK TIMES described
their evolution: “Wye Oak segued thoughtful roots-tinged rock into richly overwhelming textural excursions.” // Quotes – “Wasner’s satin
vocals lift, Stack couples a key-driven pulse with splashes of delay and crash cymbal, and what we’re left with is fireworks of a dozen
colors. They have our attention from beginning to end.” PITCHFORK // “Their music ambushes you, burning not just barns but whole
plantations, taut with latent ferocity and brooding bitterness. “ TINY MIX TAPES // Also Available From Wye Oak: The Knot LP / CD, No
Horizon 12”, The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs LP / CD, Shriek LP / CD. Track listing : 1 Two Small Deaths 2 The Alter 3 Holy Holy
4 Dogs Eyes 5 Civilian 6 Fish 7 Plains 8 Hot as Day 9 We Were Wealth 10 Doubt