Cocooning Heart – CD

Myles O'Reilly




Soft, spangled emotions sung with an open and heavy ‘Cocooning Heart’. A collection of expansive, melancholy, psychedelic folk balladry born from an inward exploration of mind and soul during the forced exile of a pandemic lockdown. There is no sense of electrifying invention here, merely a songwriter practicing catharsis by perfecting his craft. “I’m not trying to reinvent something necessarily, just write a good simple song that could’ve been written 40 years ago or in 40 years”. Songs that co-exist seamlessly with Myles O’Reilly’s love for movie soundtracks and the minimal-ambient genre. There is a large dynamic range between Cocooning Hearts grinding windswept drones and angelic ethereal reverbs. Unrepeatable rhythms from abstract jazz brushes, acoustic guitar supported by grand string arrangements, winding harmonies and bird-song synth sounds among other subtle touches give this record a richness that unveils more with each listen. The kind of album you want to listen to on a rainy day, or at that dinner date with your prospective or long-term other half.


released June 30, 2022

All songs written by Myles O’Reilly
With the exception of *Track 07 written by ‘Low’
Vocals by Myles O’Reilly
Additional vocals *Track 03 from Niamh Bury
All instruments played by Myles O’Reilly
Additional Pedal Steel Guitar *Track 01, 03 & 09 by Simon O’Reilly
Additional Drums *Tracks 01, 02, 04 & 10 by Mark Fletcher
Engineered by Myles O’Reilly
Mixed by Myles O’Reilly
Mixing assistance from Sean Mac Erlaine
Recorded and mixed in Myles O’Reilly’s Attic, Arbutus Place, Dublin.
All tracks mastered by Sean Mac Erlaine
Album Cover Photo by David Cleary
Released by Doolin Arts.

This album is dedicated to the two most important people in my life. To my dear wife Aideen Macken for her love, loyalty and commitment through our 17 years of union, and to my late mother Monika. This is the album I promised to her as she crossed over, and she has been present during every second if it’s manifestation. Thank you to all the people in my life who encouraged me to sing again, who have said and done things that stuck with me through my years of denial. Most notably Colin Vearncombe (RIP), Camilla Griehsel, Rónán Ó Snodaigh, Donal Scannell, Liam Ó Maonlaí, Stephen Mogerley, Gavin Glass, Branwen Kavanagh, Diarmuid Mac Gloinn, Sean Mac Erlaine, Sinead Troy, Aoife Woodlock and the person who from beyond the grave finally pushed me to make this album, the late Fergus O’Farrell. You passed at the age of 48 years with only one wish, to finish your album. So here I am after 48 years, releasing mine. Respect due to Rod Morris for answering my plea for a loan of a synthesizer (as something to do) during the pandemic lockdown of 2020 and arriving at my door with a Moog. Its many mesmeric dials and parameters opened my cocooning heart to music again, and a cosmic universe of sound and exploration. I’m grateful for all my patrons at for essentially funding this adventure and finally I want to thank all the people who have worked so closely with me as a filmmaker but have shown support in my singing, especially Donal Dineen, James Yorkston, Glen Hansard, Lisa O’Neill, Claire Leadbitter, Rhob Cunningham, Stephen James Smith, Oisín Furlong, Anna Mieke, Brían Mac Gloinn, Louise Barker and Laura Quirke. My respect for you all has no bounds, so your encouragement, however small, has been a great fuel for confidence in the nakedness of this return to using my voice.