Cometh the Softies LP

Myles Manley


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Cometh the Softies by Myles Manley is a singularly thrilling mix of pop-song craftsmanship, outré rhythms and tightly-woven rock band dynamics. Originally conceived as Myles Manley’s tongue-in-cheek contribution to the centenary of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising, the project began as a set of folk songs written to jittery MPC500 backing. With Christopher Barry and Solamh Kelly enlisted as bandmates to reinterpret these frenetic beats, the music took a new breath of life, the lyrical focus widening to broad questions of identity and belonging. Ridicule by regimes of nationalism, capitalism and sexuality is evoked via the sing-song language of playground taunts, so too is an underlying transcendent mischief. The trio toured the UK and Irish DIY scenes extensively, sculpting the minimalistic and spirited live sound which is recorded faithfully on the album. The result is a music that acknowledges the anxiety of the listener in these desperate times, proffering a joyous clatter, and a thumb of the nose at bullying spectres. Originating in Sligo on the north west coast of Ireland, Myles Manley is a singer/songwriter who has been releasing music as ‘popstar’ Myles Manley since 2012. With incisive and idiosyncratic songcraft, and a unique vision of the Irish experience, Myles Manley first distinguished himself with critically acclaimed releases Greatest Hits 2012-2013 (2013) and More Songs (2015). Quotes – “an eye and ear for the twisted pop nugget … adventurous live shows … audacious ambition … already showing a very impressive set of heels” Irish Times