Daydreaming EP

John Hegarty


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John Hegarty releases his new EP, “Daydreaming” on Record Store Day .

John Hegarty releases his new EP, “Daydreaming” on Rollercoaster Records on Saturday, the 20th of April which also happens to be Record Store Day. The “Daydreaming” EP was recorded in 2023 in The Barn Studio and Twilights Studios in Kilkenny and was recorded and produced by Leo Pearson and John Hegarty.

The “Daydreaming” EP  features renowned Dublin drummer, Dave Hingerty on drums, John Hegarty on guitar, bass and piano. String arrangements were written by Mary Barnecutt and John Hegarty and the string section featured the talents of Kenneth Rice, Marie Ryan, Gawain Usher and Orlaith Ni Challanain.

The “Daydreaming” EP features four new songs “Daydreaming”, “Where I Can’t Follow You”, “Correspondences” and “When I Come to Find You”.

John Hegarty is a gifted songwriter who has released three albums,Twilight (2000), Guiding Light (2007) and Into The Great Unknown (2015). John Hegarty featured in the TV Series, Other Voicesand his song ‘Limerick’ was featured on the Other Voices: Songs from a Room album.

In 2022, Kilkenny based Record label, Rollercoaster Records released a Vinyl Gatefold Edition of Twilight by John Hegarty.

Daydreaming from the Daydreaming EP, released on Rollercoaster Records on CD and Digital Download on Record Store Day, the 20th of April.

This recording was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Agility Award 2022