Digressions #2 – Grounded LP

John Blek


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Release Date : 19th February 2021

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Recorded at home in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grounded is Blek’s effort to regain a sense of balance and purpose during this period of great uncertainty. It shows the artist drawing from a new well of sound, embracing synthesis, remote recording and electronic instruments for the first time. With the process being as integral to the message as the songs themselves, John wanted to demonstrate the sound of a world in the digital age while still maintaining his signature warm acoustic tones and reverence for the simple things in life.

This limited vinyl and CD album consisting of 10 new songs is the second release in his “Digressions” series of records that started in May of 2020. Future releases in this series will consist of live recordings, conceptual pieces and other musical musings that diverge from his more characteristic sound.

“Grounded and the Digressions series as a whole afford me a new level of artistic freedom to explore less familiar writing techniques and instrumentation. Enabling me to develop and grow in a more comprehensive and rounded way as an artist. It means that no idea is dismissed before it has been tried regardless of how ridiculous it may seem initially. When things work out well it means I have something to share with people. An insight, an excursion, an opportunity for empathy in a divided society.”

“Digressions #2 – Grounded” will see limited vinyl (150 copies) and CD release on the 19th February via John’s own label We Are Rats Recordings (WARR).