Disenchanted World LP

Chris Bennett


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Limited edition white vinyl

Released October 26, 2020

(c) singsongs music SOCAN
Recording produced by Chris Bennett
Recorded by Chris Bennett @ Underthesphinx, Mitch Girio @ The Slowcooker & Michael White @ MW Productions
Mixing engineer: Mitch Girio
Mastered by Peter Letros @ Wreckhouse Mastering
Chris Bennett: Vocals. Guitars: electric, acoustic, baritone, slide (resonator and electric), 12 string & bass. Mandolin, piano, bowed piano, synthesizer, Hammond Solo Vox, Coral sitar, Theremin and harmonica.
Jason Sniderman: Piano: Acoustic & Wurlitzer electric, Hohner Pianet, Organ & Mellotron
Jim Bish: Saxophones & flute.
Michael White: Trumpet, Acoustic piano
Dennis Keldie: Wurlitzer electric piano
Russ Boswell: Bass
Michael Sloski: Drums
Gary Taylor: Drums