Enderness (LP)

AA Bondy
  1. Diamond Skull
  2. Killers 3
  3. In The Wonder
  4. The Tree with the Lights
  5. Images Of Love
  6. I’ll Never Know
  7. Fentanyl Freddy
  8. Pan Tran
  9. #Lost Hills
  10. Enderness


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It’s been eight years since Bondy last released a record, and his distaste for the present day has intensified. But rather than avoid popular sounds, on Enderness he gathers and subverts modern tools to construct his indictment of the modern world. With an arsenal of synthesizers, drum machine, sparse electric guitar, and a skeptic’s pen, he builds a plodding dystopian story of living death stoked by internet anti-reality, big pharma conspiracy, and environmental apocalypse—aka 2019. -Erin Osmon of Pitchfork 7.1/10

released May 10, 2019