Flowertown LP



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Release Date 23rd April 2021

Flowertown is Karina Gill and Michael Ramos. The San Francisco duofirst wrote a song together because their respective projects (Cindy + Tony Jay) were scheduled to play a show together in March 2020.
The show didn’t happen, but as shelter-in-place took effect they started trading song ideas and writing collaboratively, sending voice
memos back and forth and eventually recording the songs in Karina’s basement on a 4 track. Flowertown released two EPs on cassette
with Paisley Shirt Records, and here they are remastered and compiled on vinyl by Mt.St.Mtn. Stripped-down dream pop, lo-fi
reverberated vocal duties traded back and forth, & slow jam moodscapes. You can feel our long overcast summer days and those
moments that the sun breaks up the clouds. Tracks on this release, like “Natural Light”, recall pop melodies but under the haze of a
hissing and clicking cassette tape. “The Rope” and “Pieta” give us these voices of subjects trying to cope. They’re not idealists, not
romantics; they just want it all to have happened differently. The songs find the perfect blend between the not-so-distant observer of
Karina’s lyrics and the removed cynic in Mike’s songwriting. Tracks : SIDE A. 1. Natural Light 02:12 2. The Rope 02:43 3. Rocks And Air
03:52 4. Pieta 02:24 5. Lost Dog 02:58 6. World Peace 04:18 SIDE B. 1. RCP 02:12 2. Good Year For The Bells 02:55 3. Icehouse
1375 02:40 4. Flowertown 02:35 5. The Lake 03:23 6. Theresa Street 02:35