Forever Changes (MONO) LP



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Love’s iconic 1967 album, which features the classic song “Alone Again Or”.  First time being released in Mono. One of the first pop albums to become a cult classic, Love’s 1967 masterpiece, Forever Changes, is the pinnacle of the LA freak scene. Singer/songwriter Arthur Lee’s lyrics are increasingly fragmentary and paranoid, foreshadowing the band’s eventual drug-fueled collapse. Yet these drop-dead hip tunes are set in arrangements featuring Herb Alpert-style mariachi horns, lush middle-of-the-road strings, and other tropes of the easy listening scene, creating a more unsettling sense of tension than if the songs were given the usual heavy rock instrumentation. Every single track is a stone classic, Forever Changes belongs high on any halfway serious list of the greatest pop albums of the ’60s.

1. “Alone Again Or”
2. “A House Is Not a Motel”
3. “Andmoreagain”
4. “The Daily Planet”
5. “Old Man”
6. “The Red Telephone”
7. “Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale”
8. “Live and Let Live”
9. “The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This”
10. “Bummer in the Summer”
11. “You Set the Scene”