I Got Love / Loving Body 7″

Bobby Oroza


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Release Date 12/2/21


The Finnish crooner Bobby Oroza is back with a new set of tunes that pick up right where his glorious 2018 debut album This Love left off. Right on time for Valentine’s Day, the A side I Got Love is a sweet soul anthem for those with their priorities straight and an encouraging reminder to those who may have lost sight of what is truly important in life. He sings about choosing love over all things material and recognizing what you have when you have it. The B side, Loving Body, is as seductive as it is profound. Bobby proposi- tions his love interest over a gorgeous Cold Diamond & Mink production for more than a light hearted love affair. Mr. Oroza is not your average Joe, and this is not your average roses and candy song. Bobby lays out his desire to become one loving body in the way two rivers become part of the sea. A beautiful song about attraction and desire that will be an instant staple in the sweet soul world and beyond.