In The Silence LP



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In The Silence is the English language version of Ásgeir’s breakthrough debut album ‘Dyrd í dauðathogn’, translated from Icelandic by John Grant.

  1. higher
  2. in the silence
  3. summer guest
  4. king and cross
  5. was there nothing?
  6. torrent
  7. going home
  8. head in the snow
  9. in harmony
  10. on that day


At just 21 years of age Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir has become a sensation at home – staggeringly, almost 10% of the Icelandic population now own his debut album.’ Buoyed by haunting, shimmering folktronica textures and driven by lyrics penned by his dad, a retired school principal the record became the best-selling debut record ever in Iceland, beating out even superstars such as Björk and Sigur Rós.

The album caught the attention of musician John Grant, and the one-time Midlake collaborator immediately recognized Ásgeir’s musical talent. ‘He has a knack for melody and gorgeous harmonies, coupled with an amazing sense of rhythm and virtuosity on acoustic guitar,’ Grant says. However, he also saw plenty of beauty in the album’s lyrics a poetic collection touching on things such as nature, fantastical creatures, weather and old short stories and ended up translating them into English for the international version of the album, titled In The Silence.

Grant took great care to preserve their original intent. ‘For a lot of the songs, I sat with Ásgeir and talked about what the songs were about, so I could make sure the lyrics made sense in English,’ he says. ‘I wanted to keep the Icelandic meaning in the songs, because I feel like that s what s so special about them. That s what I think people in the world will really connect to.’

Produced by Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson, In The Silence also loses nothing in translation emotionally. The hope-filled album bursts with warm acoustic guitars, jubilant horns and majestic piano, recalling Bon Iver, Mew, Kings Of Convenience and James Blake. Ásgeir’s angelic falsetto and soul-rich voice lends optimism and wise-beyond-his-years insights to the electric guitar-laden surge ‘Torrent’ and twinkling title track. Meanwhile, pulsating electronic beats drive the more subdued ‘Going Home’ and the light discopop touches of ‘King and Cross.’