Is – LP



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Release Date ; 12th February 2021


In tune with the intensity of the record, ‘IS’ is available via 200 gram super deluxe heavy weight vinyl that comes with a free digital download for those long walks with the iPod. It offers a world of micro-trance subtleties as well as epic landscape raga journeys all brought to you on both six and twelve steel-string guitars. With multiple releases all around the globe Steffen offers a very unique approach to the instrument. Not simply trying to be just another John Fahey and while taking clear influence from Robbie Basho, treads his own path from experimental simplistic minimal space to unexplainable complex finger picking (But never for the sake of it) as Bashosaid “Soul first – technique later“. “it is as if a thousand fingers are brushing the strings, bringing them to a luminous sheen.” – Mr Olivetti, Freq Basho-Junghans has been forging unprecedented ground within the solo guitar world over the last few decades where his out-put has covered everything from John Fahey style finger-picking, epic pieces influenced by Indian ragas to minimalist micro-trance adventures capable of taking your consciousness beyond the limitations of time. ‘IS’ comfortably straddles Steffen’s two mainstays: transcendental landscape ragas and experimental excursions that take the steel-string guitar to places that it has never been before.