No Simple Highway (CD)



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No Simple Highway’ – to be released on Feb 26th – is the creative vision of Michael Fitzgerald (FITZZ Records) who established the SomeRiseSomeFall collective to highlight the transformative powers of music and collaboration.

All proceeds to registered charity Aware. Any payment about published retail price will be treated as donation and not subject to tax.

The album album pairs of carefully selected songs & performers and features all new interpretations

SomeRiseSomeFall believe music is informative, transformative, healing and magic. We hope this album created with some of Ireland’s finest young talents and produced by Brian Casey at Wavefield Recording Studios brings some of that healing and magic to the listener.

Gratitude to Anna Mitchell, Brian Casey, Brian Hassett, David Murphy, Davie Ryan, Dylan Howe, Hugh Dillon, Kealan Kenny, Kevin Herron, John Blek, Marlene Enright & Phillip Dunphy for playing and singing on the album.

Gratitude to Brian Casey for ensuring that the eclective’s recordings had a sonic integrity across the piece and Sarah O’Mahony at Wavefield Recordings for helping set the atmosphere and making everyone feel welcome.

Gratitude to our project artist Riona O’Regan who designed this booklet and created all the images, to our project videographer Allie Glynn and our project dancer Kelly Justin.

The album was expertly mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering, Limerick. Thanks Richard.


releases February 26, 2021

Anna Mitchell: Vocals, piano and keyboards

John Blek: Vocals, Guitar, banjo

Marlene Enrights; Vocals & piano

Dylan Howe: Vocals, bass, piano and keyboards

Kevin Herron: Vocals acoustic and electric guitar,

Fionn Hennessy-Hayes: Drums and percussion, Kealan Kenny : Pedal Steel Guitar

Hugh Dillon: acoustic and electric guitar,

Brian Hassey: Bass and synthesizer

Davie Ryan: Drums and percussion

David Murphy: Pedal steel.

Keelan Kenny; Pedal steel

Brian Casey: Production, electric guitar, sythesixer and Hammond organ