Plastic Bouquet LP

Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams


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Release Date : 18th January 2021

Every December, Christchurch NZ enjoys the start
of summer as Saskatoon, SK begins to freeze over.
For as far apart as these places may seem, you
would never know it from the sound of ‘Plastic
Bouquet’, the debut collaborative album between
Saskatoon duo Kacy & Clayton and Christchurch
singer and songwriter Marlon Williams.
 While on tour across Europe in 2017, Kacy &
Clayton quite literally stopped Marlon in his tracks.
As if playing by divine design through the radio,
the pair’s ‘Springtime of the Year’ immediately
enchanted him. Soon thereafter, Marlon hopped on
a flight to Saskatoon and they wrote and recorded
the bulk of what would become ‘Plastic Bouquet’.
They unlocked undeniable chemistry.
 With ‘Plastic Bouquet’ these three musicians find
common ground in dusty country spun through a
kaleidoscope of psychedelic soul and dreamy fifties
delivery. They created an ethnosphere that is more
than the sum of its parts. It’s also the beginning of
something very exciting.