Postcards From The Edge LP

Guy Blakeslee


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Release Date: 05/02/2021

What if Rimbaud met Roy Orbison, on acid in a room full of synthesizers, after a late night wander through the haunted streets of New Orleans? Is getting lost the only way to ever be found? At what point does the hero’s journey become a fool’s errand?

Nearly two decades into a lifer’s voyage of shapeshifting through shadowy realms of the American underground, Guy Blakeslee, poses these and other conundrums on his dramatic new album, Postcards From The Edge (Entrance Records).

Recorded in New Orleans at the house studio of Preservation Hall Jazz Band, with former Sonic Ranch engineer and producer, Enrique Tena Padilla (Oh SeesWand), and featuring appearances from singers Lael NealeHale MayRachel Fannan, and drummer Derek James of The Entrance Band,

Postcards From The Edge is electrified by the spirit of sonic experimentation, and the fervent desire to chart a map into unknown territory. Across the record’s seven tracks, Blakeslee’s questing lyrics teem with stormy emotion, his plaintive voice finding succor in richly-textured melodies that soar over lushly-produced soundscapes, always on the verge of collapse.

Perhaps best known as the upside-down, guitar-wielding frontman of psych-legends The Entrance Band, and solo albums released under the ENTRANCE moniker, notably 2004’s country blues epic Wandering Stranger (Fat Possum), 2006’s self-released cult classic, Prayer of Death ( which led to the formation of The Entrance Band), and most recently 2017’s Book of Changes (Thrill Jockey), Blakeslee has typically used his own name to release his most experimental and confounding records. Postcards From The Edge is no exception.

1. Sometimes
2. Postcards from the Edge
3. Faces
4. Giving up the Ghost
5. Hungry Heart
6. What Love Can Do
7. Blue Butterfly