Rice,Pasta & Other Fillers LP

Porridge Radio


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Struggles with life, love and boredom – spelt out with sticky fingers by five idiot savants.

Equal parts Neil Young, Cat Power and Blink 182, Porridge Radio’s songs are 2 cups of emotion for every tablespoon of salt. The crisp, golden brown surface of Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers belies a childhood misspent consuming The Carpenters, Supertramp and Guns ‘n’ Roses, with a generous sprinkling of the Cranberries.

After a series of home recorded solo demos, a split EP with West America, a single on CHUD records, and a comp with No Dice records, and the growing legend of their live shows, RP&OF is the dragged out remnants of sessions done in the band’s earliest stage (summer 2k15). Many of the songs are full band reworkings of Porridge Radio’s earliest bedroom demos.

RP&OF’s lyrics, title and artwork, as well as the group’s name, brings to mind a certain scrapbook absurdism at the core of Porridge Radio’s work. Faced with the dark abyss of existence, the band scrapes together some value from malarky, baloney and balderdash, and then cling to it, giggling, for dear life.

This isn’t revivalism, stylised posturing, or calculated blog fodder. It’s not really anything, other than some sad friends expressing some weird feelings in a way that they like and find fun. I like it a lot too. At the dawn of midnight they sacrifice the goat to satan, praying for the end of mankind and the dawn of a new satanic era.