Robespierre’s Velvet Basement 2 X CD



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Release Date – 21st May 2021


• Deluxe re issue of probably ‘the’ seminal album of both Kusworth & Sudden’s careers, lauded by the likes of Tom Waits, Bobby
Gillespie, Alan McGee, Evan Dando • Re Designed by the man who designed the 1985 original Dave Twist, only this time with extra
photos liner notes in this card gatefold package • Fully Re mastered audio of the double album it was always intended to be (it was only
issued as a single Lp in 1985 due to cost restraints). Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Organ [Chord Organ], Synthesizer,
Bells, Vocals, – Nikki Sudden Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals, – Dave Kusworth Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass,
Tambourine, Sitar, Backing Vocals – Mark Lemon Drums, Tambourine, Maracas, Guitar [Lou Reed Guitar], Noises [Feedback], Piano –
Epic Soundtracks Backing Vocals – Lizard Harmonica, Keyboards [Casio], Backing Vocals – Andrew Wickett Slide Guitar – Tyla
Tambourine, Maracas, Cymbal – Bob Lamb Design [Original Cover Design] & 2019 Design – Dave Twist Photography By – Bleddyn
Butcher, Sandy Fleming-Cooley Recorded At – 122a Studio, 22nd & 23rd April 1984 and 9th May 1984 by Bob Lamb except
“Country Girl “Recorded At – Woodworm Studio, 10th September 1984 by Mark Powell “If I’m Crying “Recorded at WSRS, Leamington
Spa, 27th November 1984 by John Rivers Mixed By Bob Lamb Produced by Dave Kusworth, Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Bob
Lamb Originally released on Glass Records in July 1985 Disc One 1-1 Big Store 3:22 (Duffy) 1-2 Snow White 3:45 (Kusworth)
1-3 When the Rain Comes 3:55 (Sudden) 1-4 Every Girl 3:31 (Sudden) 1-5 Fortune of Fame 3.02 (Soundtracks, Sudden. Kusworth,
Cartwright) 1-6 Hearts Are Like Flowers 4:13 (Kusworth) 2-1 It’ll All End Up in Tears 3:00 (Kusworth) 2-2 She Never Believes 3:08
(Sudden) 2-3 Silken Sheets 3:23 (Kusworth) 2-4 Ambulance Station 2:42 (Sudden) 2-5 Son of A French Nobleman 3:27 (Kusworth)
2-6 Where the Rivers End 6:06 (Sudden) Disc Two 2-1 All the Dark Rags 4:58 (Sudden) 2-2 Into My Arms 3:17 (Kusworth) 2-3 If I’m
Crying 1.48 (Sudden) 2-4 Country Girl 3.19 (Kusworth) 2-5 Sloth 3:21 (Swarbrick, Thompson) 2-6 Someone Who Cares 4:53
(Kusworth) 2-8 Before I Die 4:25 (Kusworth) 2-9 Pin Your Heart to Me 4:19 (Sudden, Kusworth) 2-10 Road of Broken Dreams 3:10
(Scott) 2-11 One More String of Pearls 3:41 (Sudden) 2-12 I Am Just A Broken Heart 2:57 (Kusworth) 2-13 Only Children Sleeping
4:15 (Sudden, Kusworth)