Scatterbrain LP – Deep Sea Marbled Viny

The Chills


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Release Date – 14th May 21

Indies only Deep Sea Marble effect + DL card

(Cargo Collective Title)  New studio album from the Dunedin (NZ)songsmiths helmed by the enigmatic Martin Phillipps with artwork by Trees’ David Costa. Dunedin’s finest, The Chills release theirseventh studio album ‘Scatterbrain’, a glorious self-examination of Martin Phillipps’ songwriting hot (ish) on the heels of the hugelysuccessful ‘Snowbound’ (2018) and the critically-acclaimed movie ‘The Chills: The Triumph And Tragedy Of Martin Phillipps’ a year later.

“It’s about artistic integrity, self-realisation, self-acceptance and a reflection on mortality.” The Guardian…. Now in 2021, Phillipps
is now taking stock of things – everything. Yes, everything. The result is this triumphant new Chills’ album ‘Scatterbrain’, a thought provoking and evocative take from a man who has lived through good times and bad. A mature and honest reflection on life, destiny and
the fate of our times delivered in beautiful melodies with Phillipps’ trademarked incisive turn of phrase. Viewed from the perspective of a
man understanding his age and indeed his own mortality, the new album takes a mature look at matters arising with a side order of
perspective. ‘Scatterbrain’ is a life passing before your ears as uncertainty increases and fake news rumbles on; during which aliens
invade, Phillipps scales the walls beyond abandon as he probes the minutiae of worlds within worlds and the hourglass fills. A landmark
album from one of the great modern song writers, it’s pure pop music for the new normal and we can’t wait to see how it ends…“This is
what a living legend looks and sounds like” Rolling Stone // “An architect of New Zealand’s fabled Dunedin sound” Pitchfork // Track List.
Side A: A1 Monolith A2 Hourglass A3 Destiny A4 Caught In My Eye A5 You’re Immortal. Side B: B1 Little Alien B2 Safe and Sound B3
Worlds Within Worlds B4 Scatterbrain B5 The Walls Beyond Abandon