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Indie folk band Tunng have created an experience built around the subjects of death, grief and loss. The project, which includes an album, a podcast series, poetry and short stories. It was inspired by the novel Grief is the Thing With Feathers by Max Porter. The book got passed around the band and fired many discussions from how to deal with such things and how big the subject is. Founding member Mike Lindsay says they wanted to make an uplifting album, despite the weighty and dark subject.

The breadth, detail and care of Tunng’s Dead Club project is a striking thing. “It’s not just a record, it’s a discussion, it’s a podcast series, it’s poetry, it’s short stories, it’s an examination,” says the band’s Mike Lindsay. Tackling the still near-untouchable subjects – grief, loss, the act of dying, where we go, what becomes of those left behind – death is a taboo beyond all others.
Around the time of Tunng’s sixth album, 2018’s Songs You Make at Night, lyricist Sam Genders found Max Porter’s novel Grief is The Thing with Feathers, and was struck by its power. Its viscerality and rawness and rage. Its beauty and love and connection. He passed Porter’s book around his band members.

For months the six band members discussed the subject at length. That they are such a sizeable band, diverse in opinion and perspective, proved helpful: “When all those things come together that’s what makes it Tunng,” says Genders. “And because the subject of death is so powerful for people in different ways, we talked about the kinds of issues it might bring up, that we might need to be  more


released November 6, 2020

Produced and mixed by Mike Lindsay
Music by tunng
Lyrics by Sam Genders
Short stories (Man / Woman) written and read by Max Porter
Art by Lilias Buchanan
Layout by Kathy Kielty
Mastered by Heather Kirby

tunng are:
Ashley Bates
Sam Genders
Becky Jacobs
Mike Lindsay
Martin Smith
Phil Winter