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Rev Magnetic


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Rock Action Records release the debut album from Scottish quartet Rev Magnetic, who meld elements of R&B, shoegaze and post rock into their singular, blissfully spacial dream pop.

Called ‘Versus Universe’, the album reflects a cosmos of transformative sound references ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Teebs, Lemmy-era Hawkwind to ABBA and Vaughan Williams to Stravinsky into its 11 otherworldly tracks.

While touring the world as guest multi instrumentalist with Mogwai, Luke Sutherland (Long Fin Killie, Bows, Music A.M. Jomi Massage) used the downtime to sketch a bunch of songs. Once home, he recorded them with the help of Audrey Bizouerne (Gift Horse) bass, Sam Leighton (drums) and Gregor Emond (guitar), who played with Luke in Hynd.


 Rev Magnetic – Versus Universe

1. Versus Universe
2. At the Mercy of Fabulous Thoughts
3. Daughter of Astronauts
4. Sunny Windy Winter Morning (Rainbows Spanning the Valley)
5. Schoenberg in America
6. Woodland Sororityn Carwash
7. Yonder (Là-haut)
8. A Minotaur’s Mass
9. Gloaming
10. It Shoulda Been You
11. Palaces