You Might Be Happy Someday LP – Pastel Blue Vinyl

The Reds, Pinks and Purples


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Release Date : 2nd April 2021

LP repress now on pastel blue vinyl. For fans of Sarah Records, Even As We Speak, The Field Mice, Blue Boy, The Clientele, early Belle and Sebastian

Deep amidst San Francisco’s Richmond neighbourhood misty air and washed-out pastel blocks, Glenn Donaldson has been diligently creating
minor masterpieces with rudimentary home technology for some time now. With The Reds, Pinks & Purples, Donaldson has finally
created a vivid reflection of this dreary scene. You Might be Happy Someday is an oblique strand of SF outer-avenue cloud cover that
stretches across the Atlantic to the grey docks of Bristol as captured in Sarah Records’ fetishized insert photos. Despite the deceptively
congenial presentation, Happy is often a heavy record. After a litany of Donaldson’s past iterations (from experimental abstraction to
post-punk and pop), The Reds, Pinks & Purples is Glenn D’s most personal project. Balanced awkwardly atop almost ironically upbeat
jangles and rhythms Mitch Easter might have captured on his reel-to-reel are prime cuts of bummer pop. Almost every track is written in
second person, creating a feeling of overheard private inner conversations-on-repeat: soft-lob criticisms, supportive friend advice and
embarrassing confessions, You Might be Happy Someday is a smeared window into the (kindly) cynical thoughts of a romantic
misanthrope. Like the work of other U.S. depresso-pop purveyors East River Pipe, The Reds, Pinks & Purples’ mini-album is the kind of
record that is both unsettling and comforting. When you’re four drinks deep and you’ve worn your Smiths records out, You Might Be
Happy Someday is on deck to have wine spilled on it while you dance alone in the kitchen. Tracks: 1 Last Summer In A Rented Room 2
Forgotten Names 3 Worst Side Of Town 4 Your Parents Were Wrong About You 5 Desperate Parties 6 Half-a-Shadow 7 Sex, Lies &
Therapy 8 You Might Be Happy Someday